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Why more Blasts in India?

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The latest bombings happened in Muslim areas of Modasa and Malegaon. Could this be an RSS’ job? Well, it might be. Since they’d not be under scanner and police would always be clueless. It’s notable that the victims of these blasts were Muslims.

It’s well known that RSS also started making bombs (Nanded, Kanpur). However let’s not brand RSS as accused without investigations……….

It’s not a secret that there’re terrorists among us – both Hindu and Muslim and may be some Christian and Sikh in Nagaland and Punjab respectively. We all know who feeds them – ideologically.

Delhi police ‘eliminated’ the ‘mastermind’ in recent shootout or encounter as they call it India.

Any cop worth his uniform and profession would ‘never’ eliminate a mastermind. However Indian police does this as far as I know in all enounters.

Police got medals and cash incentives for such stupid acts of rage (i.e. eliminating a suspect) or tectlessness. In fact Indian police are addicted to encounters (where the suspects are shot dead) as they forgot the due process of law where the civilised process of collecting evidence, filing charges and fighting it legally in a court of law and geting convictions. Since Law became so lame and cumbersome, police started this process of ‘encounters’.

They might have been successful in some cases but terrorism is a tricky issue which got to be dealt in a methodical manner. Hasty murders by police would never solve this vexed issue of terrorism.

One should not eliminate a suspect or a confirmed criminal/terrosist or any kind of person.


Once you eliminated ‘him’ the link between the terrorist and his whole chain of network would never come to light. It happened in all the cases before.

It’d be out of context but true in the case of Veerappan. That poor wild gangleader  who lived in jungles like a pauper (who generated hundreds of crores of sandalwood smuggling business) was murdered but the whole network of politicians, middlemen, smugglers and police officials who’re complicit in that phenomenon called Veerappan slithered out of loop. 


It’s clear from the pictures that police tortured Verappan and his associates (eyeballs of all dead were missing) and shot them blank-range (Pl see the wound on the head of Veeappan to confirm this i.e. double-barrel gunshot; it’s the clear line).

They ‘eliminated’ Verappan but the whole network that helped Verappan may be propping up several Verappans (less violent types) now who supply sandalwood for smuggling. 

Now if Police in Gujarat or Maharastra are clueless cos their counterparts in Delhi ‘eliminated’ the ‘mastermind’. Now they know why you should not eliminate a suspect or mastermind and reward the policmen who kill suspects.

Learn your lessons or suffer the consequences & don’t forget to punish the overground terrorists like Modi Togadiya and Advani who operate under garb of nationalism. 

Is Advani an Asshole???

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Here’s the ex-Home Minister of Indian Union prejudging the bomb blast in Delhi yesterday.


This asshole-attitude defined his tenure as the Home Minister of India during when India witnessed the most horrific incidents of terror.

We agree that

a. Illegal Bangladeshi migration is a problem

b. The change of demography in Assam is a problem


But investigations are not yet over in Delhi

No chargesheet was filed but Advani speaks like a man in premature ejaculation.

Alleging Pakistan’s ISI for causing threat to the national security, Leader of Opposition L K Advani on Sunday said the illegal Bangladeshi migrants sent by the ISI should be stopped from entering the country.

He also said the explosive used in Saturday’s blast in Delhi was brought from Bangladesh.    

“The Bangladeshi migrants are behind the blast in Delhi and they are not only a threat to Assam’s identity but also a threat to the entire country,” Advani said in Guwahati. 




The Interview that’s not seen or heard before

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We are used to the reportage of CNN as if it’s the only ‘global’ news broadcaster although they do report every bit of news from American standpoint.


It never ever it happened – at least to my knowledge – that a reporter asked such questions to the Prez of Israel (Shimon Peres in this case).




The reporter didn’t mince her words be it occupation, aggression, mass killings and aerial bombings…..this is unprecedented for an international TV news channel. BBC used to be a bit balanced unike CNN but Al- Jazeera is something that’s real.


Hats off!


P.S : Ahmedinejad of Iran is a scum…his conduct doesn’t befit the stature of a head of govt/state. Iran is well known for perecution of its ethnic, religious minorities & women. We are also aware of how they execute underage ppl.