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Delhi Bomb Blasts and Indian Police – A saga of morbidity

Forget about the Dehli Police being world class, they are not even professional.

Here’s the proof:

Delhi police in all likelihood have destroyed forensic evidence that could have helped in gathering information about Saturday’s blast in south Delhi apparently due to lack of knowledge about forensic science.

Even before the bomb experts from central security agencies and National Security Guards visited the spot, Delhi Police personnel removed the debris and washed the blood stains from the blast site.

Senior police officials oversaw the work as residents cleaned the site with a bathroom mop and some cardboards.

When asked whether such action would destroy crucial evidence even before the experts from NSG arrives, an official said, “We have already collected whatever was there. Moreover, even when we have cleaned the place, we have made sure that all materials are collected in the gunny bag.”

Some residents were showing double-edged nails which they claim were collected from the blast site.

It was only later when the NSG team arrived, that the area was cordoned off and residents and media persons were asked to move away.

Now Read the Post:


There’s one more blast in Delhi today. Delhi police and security apparatus is under the Home Ministry but the Delhi police look like dumb subordinates than active policemen. The heirarchical mindset is so deep.

Delhi police never look like a 21st century, modern police force. To begin with policing.

a. There’re uniformed policemen & there’d be mufti policmen. It’s street patrol – unifromed and non-uniformed.

b. Each and every policeman is allotted a specific road, location and time. They are supposed to write log of everything they saw and heard (of noteworthy incidents, events of points of intelligence)

c. Each and every uniformed policemen should carry a walkie-talkie. In India giving away such gadgets to subordinates is like making the niggers worthy of value and substance. Since the police force is highly hierarchical and status-conscious they never allow such modern gadgets to chaprasi policemen on street

d.These policemen never wear the most advanced dress that stresses on convenience and professionalism. The only visible thing they caary is an over-sized lathi (stick). Of late they started taking an AK-47 for change. The sum message is that you batter people you see or fire at a group or a person. They never miss to hit in the head or chest. So much for the hundreds of crores spent on Police Academies and the training there.

e.Wearing green pr orange vests is a norm. It’s meant to help in higher visibility. They never think about professionalism.

f. Cordoning off the location of crime with a plastic tape (with bold letters : Police Line Don’t Cross). Well, they are Indian Police who still want to live in 19th and 20th century police practices.

g. The CCTVs installed dont work and that’s natural of Delhi police. I dont know if the CCTVs of prominades are monitored centrally.

h. The 21st century surviellance demands that they have a list of Net users who would be considered for monitoring with varying degrees of consideration based on the level of activism

i. Post-Crime Scene faultlines in Indian Policing with specific analyses of Delhi Bomb blasts early this month.

It’s in Malayalam but you can make it from visuals. Vey amazing thinsg is that a regional TV crew started reporting whereas paramedics and police and rescue are nowhere forget if they are fully equipped to the event.


However you would see Indian police being super-active when it comes to torturing an accused or an innocent.


1. Medical, Police vans were not seen around the site for abt 30 minutes. Colossal negligence (partly police & partly Emergency)        

2. Police didn’t cordon-off the crime scene (“Dont cross – police line” tape that cordons off any crime scene)

3. Police or pseudo-forensic staff handles the material with bare hands

4. There’s nobody to take video of the work of forensic experts (for the sake of evidence for trail)

5. There’s nobody to take inventory of material handled and packed-off for further investigations

6. Sniffer dogs were nowhere to be seen around

7. The CCTV cams were not recording 360 degree view but linear view of the street(s)

8. The injured ppl were carried away like dead bodies little reaslising that such handling would aggravate injuries & cause deaths

9. Protective nose-mouth masks were nowhere near for use NOR the use of hand gloves and foot bags

10. Saw a large posse of policemen standing hand2hand cordon, may to please their IPS bosses.

11. My knowledge in the west is that they cordon-off the the whole street of incident until the evidnce is gathered and investigators finished their work. Till then the view to the spot is blocked to public as well as media. However in Dehli the mediamen were seen pushing cameras in the faces of the victims and rescue ppl.

12. The response of police officials – post-blasts – is that they either avoid press or talk too much. There’re no measured, into your eye (assertive), methodical reponses.

13. They let the deffused bombs thrown away and realised the mistake later and declared cash award of Rs.50K to rag-pickers for each bomb recollected from rubbish.


They didnt do this:

a. They should have video-recorded the complete process of deffusion (as evidence in trial)
b. Handle nothing with bare hands as it’d contaminte the DNA and finger-prints of culprits (to establish and confirm guilt thru DNA and finger prints)
c. Gently pack everything inside polythene bags and send to forensic labs for analysis        

14. From above it looks like that there’s nobody in-charge of the whole process

15. The adjacent areas/towns surrounding the bomb blasts were not sealed, allowing bomb planters to escape

16. I didnt see any police handling walkie-talkies for disseminations of info and commands (normally strapped to shoulders at mouth-level)

17. It’s evening & night when the exlosions happened. I didnt find – not even a single soul in police – wearing that gree/ornage vests with silver bands (night). It’s not a naatak but technical requirement i.e. high visibility and night vision in case of power failure (silver bands)

18. What all they come (police) with are nothing but long lathis. Do our guys still live in 18th century? Why they need to flaunt lathis when simple announcement from mike system is enough? So police presume that ppl should be treated like cattle?

19. Media response teams arrived in early but police & rescue teams took more time? Lethargic?

They had this option of modernising Delhi Police by spending several hundred crores. They had money to modernise DP but they are chicken-hearted as modernising would make the Master-Subordinate relation between the Police Bosses and lower level police weaker.
The Master-Subornidate Relation among police force is visible very clearly.
I guess this mindset would not chaneg in foreseable future.

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