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Shootout in Bombay. One more victim of Raj Thakre the Dog

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Young Bihari on loose

Young Bihari on loose

This not a patronising blog but a tragic story how some ‘leaders’ create this kind of reactions in society. Bombay police did a very good job by booking Raj Thakre. However the atmosphere created by Raj Thakre goons has gone this far that an young man Rahul Raj from Bihar is on loose in Kurla, Bombay today.

Rahul Raj is an attention grabber. It’s an act of desparation. This man has not shot anybody but it’s possible that he’d have shot anybody.

It’s a professional decision of Bombay police to shoot him. We still don’t know if he’d have been shot in the legs or could they have used some tranquiliser guns. It’s unfortunate that Indian police didn’t have the luxury if using taser guns.

Taser gun that's effective in disabling men/women on loose. It gives a huge electric shock in the body of victim but never kills

Taser gun that gives a huge electric shock but never kills. Indian police are like stone age force

Undoubtedly this Bihari victim could be Raj Thakre’s fodder to further the saga of hate politics in the name of Marathi manoos. 

This is what I fear about the stupidity of Indian leaders. They are either Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Communist, Hindu, Muslim, Marathi or Tamil but not Indian.

Rahul Raj holding a gun (katta) would be a poster boy to boost the Marathi Manoos politics. 

The ingredients of contemporary Maharastra politics are here:

a. This man is jobless youth from Bihar

b. He acts smart by being aggressive

c. Holds a gun in public

d. Threatens Marathis 

I am sure MNS and/or Shivsena would use this to further their hate politics.

Shivsena or MNS are racist pigs. Period.

They dont’ have a problem if Rajasthanis, Gujarati or Punjabis coming to Bombay for jobs or business. They are respected as they are fair skinned, good looking whereas Biharis are the favourite punching bag as they don’t have fat tummies, arses nor they are fair skinned like Punjabis.

Though Laloo and Mulayam don’t run their respective states but Raj Thakre and Shiv Sena paints these BIhari+UPwallahs as the people of those men. What a misplaced metaphor they’ve become?

Though I have not mentioned, guns are available in UP & Bihar very freely and some people flaunt guns as a matter of pride and prestige. That topic is for another day.

A case of police excellence in the US where a gunman who actually ‘killed’ another man. In our case Rahul made it clear that he don’t want to kill anybody except Raj Thakre who’s not around.

PDP’s vision of Kashmir : Pig with lipstick

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Muftis' proposals are just like this i.e. Pig with Lipstick

Muftis's proposal of Self-Rule in Kashmir



The father and daughter never fail to be innovative when it comes to freeing Kashmir from the Union of India. In fact Mufti’s period of Chief Ministership was used to water the seeds of separation whilst pretending to be pro-India.

They lobbied for central grants amounting to several thousand crores and got what all they wanted. Even otherwise the Union government splashed Kashmir with money from time to time in all blind faith that Kashmir would be part of the Indian dream. India is not a country of dreams but it’s few hundred notches ahead of Pakistan and it could get better as the time go by. Nevertheless the father and daughter duo appear to be part of the politcal establishment and push the gates of secession inch by inch and what happened yesterday is the final frontier of intent and the government in Delhi seem not bothered a wee bit. To me it appears that being ex-Congess party members help Mufti and Mehbooba. It’s my observation that they camp in Delhi and lobby with Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh and get what all they want.

1. First they wanted unlimited amount of funds when they were in power

The Kashmiri script or language is not taught but arabic and Islam is taught in a Science and Technlogical University where Humanities is also taught. Perhaps want to manufacture many Muftis.

The Kashmiri script or language is not taught but arabic and Islam is. Never mind. They could have instead opened a huge madrasa instead of Technical University. Perhaps they want to manufacture many Muftis technically.


2. Establish Islamic University in Kashmir as if there’s dearth of the schools of Islam. I understand from the website that Islamic University teaches Science and Technologies in which case the name Islamic is unnecessary. It’s a seed of Mufti’s grand plan of Islamisation though Kashmir was known for Sanskrit poets from time immemorail. Since the local language of Kashmir was wiped out, it’s not attempted to revive the roots of their past but that of arabs (as they teach arabic there).

Why Madara education be separated from Technical Education? They make huge Technical University for religious studies?

Why can't Madrasa education be separated from Technical Education? They make huge Technical University for religious studies? That's Muftis for us.


3. Systematic efforts to weaken the hold of the state of India in Kashmir by speaking against the presence of Indian Army that made the lives of people better by preventing armed militants raoming the cities and towns of Kashmir. By now the army is in barracks and LoC not in cities.

4. Muzaffarabad Bus service where one can go to Pakistan without using Indian passports. ONE BIG BARRIER WAS DEMOLISHED BY PERSUATION OF DELHI.

5. Now they facilitated a huge turmoil in recent months whereby innocents were gathered in thousands to cross LoC without bothering such surge would be countered by force. In the process innocents paid with their lives whereas the leaders who instigated masses for eg. Mufti,Mirwaiz ete al are safe and sound.

6. They made every effort to scuttle any nromalisation of the cities and towns of Kashmir as stoking fires reaped them dividends in the form of pushing Kashmir towards secession or accession with Pakistan.

7.  Mehbooba taunted the Congress party (Mr. Singhvi) on TV (that fed them in most part of their lives) by saying that ‘you people from Delhi feared shit for your lives to hoist Indian flag in Srinagar (Lal Chowk)’ on 15th August 2008.

8. Emboldened by the timidity of Indian state they went a step further to unveil a grand plan which actully was in their minds all the time i.e. secession in the garb of self-rule.

The salient features of the PDP’s proposal of Self-Rule are :

a. Regional Council for Greater Jammu and Kashmir which would have men fron PoK as members


For those say that Kashmir is not India. Please see the India Postange stamp in 1939. What goes on as truth is propaganda against India

For those say that Kashmir was not part of India. Please see the India Postange stamp in 1939. What goes on as truth in Kashmir is propaganda against India. Watch the postane stamp clearly.


“Unlike autonomy, which doesn’t have a territorial element, self-rule envisages territoriality……….The Council would ensure that the executive functioned smoothly in all “cross-LoC” matters and coordinated inter-government initiatives like dual currency, creation of common space with specific reference to joint management of water resources and creation of energy market. “

Does it need rocket science to know what’s in the mind of Muftis? Who on earth would like the currency of Pakistan that’s shunned by their own countrymen? Muftis are lunatics. The operating mantra seem to be, ” Anything but India”.

b. To end the Article 356 of Indian Constitution and Article 249 of Kashmir Constitution

Which means ceding the control India for good.

c. Elected native Governor

Similar to Presidential system of a de facto country

d. Local Civil Services

Good Bye India

e. Demilitarisation and they call it the ‘only way forward’.

Is that peace process?

f. The above developments would be followed by elections under international supervision.

What said next is something of history reapeating itself.

“….the plebiscite held simultaneously throughout Jammu and Kashmir or in stages would not be acceptable, primarily because they are based on the plea of religious divide and two-nation theory. “India being a secular country with diverse religious communities can ill afford to accept another partition on religion…”

So Mufti don’t want to lose the areas that’re not Muslim manjority  eg. whole of Ladakh and most of Jammu. This reminds us of what Jinnah who argued in favour of Congress leaders ceding whole of Bengal, North East (then known as Assam) and Punjab.

“The PDP opposes trifurcation saying “the unity of the state reflects the essence of our secular culture, and its preservation is of the utmost critical importance, both on principle and for legitimate strategic reasons. Its unity is also in the enlightened self-interest of the people of all the regions and also accords with their wholesome historical character and experience.”  

If we cut the crap, Mufti wants all of the existing state of Jammu and Kashmir for himself as part of his ‘Peace Process’ in Self-Ruled Kashmir.

“…under the self-rule, institutional mechanisms are provided for which would convert unhealthy latent as well patent regionalism into effective region building. ”

So Mufti doesn’t want the separatist idea of Jammu and Ladakh as it’d amount to patent regionalim. Mufti just reminds me of Jinnah.



1. Mufti engineered riots in 1986 and helped destroy traces of Hindu influence in Kashmir. In effect he’s the promoter of what they call in international legal parlance ‘ethnic cleansing’. What followed later by militants/terrorist is the continuation Mufti’s Plan i.e. ethnic cleansing.

2. As explained in the previous sections, Mufti wanted to make Kashmir an Islamic Paradise with central funds which would deter India to do a Tibet in Kashmir. He succedded to some extent as he knew inside-out of the thinking in Union Government on Kashmir.

3. He watered the seeds of separation while sitting as Chief Minister. He wanted to take credit for normalisation (lessening of violence) but tried to channel the public opinion againt any genuine normalisation from Indian perspective i.e. people are not anti-Indian per se. The normalisation as per the Muftis is that people be quite but fiercely separatist and that’s evident in recent disturbances.

If we look at the recent record of the Muftis it’s clear that they spread lie after lie to stoke fires in Kashmir.

Lie 1. Economic Blockade of Kashmir (a true leader would have dispelled the spread of falsehoods, instead Muftis spread & relied on them for furthering the case of secession).

Lie 2. Colonisation of Hindus in Kashmir (A 3-month ad hoc, pre-facbricated structures would not dilute Islam in Kashmir)

Lie 3. Self-Rule theory as a kind of favour to India who’re eager for peace & normalisation

Lie 4. India suppresses the people of Kashmir (Muslims) whereas they appease Jammu people (Hindus)

They used a period of CRPF’s mismanagement in public order to prop up the case of separatism in the name of peace process and a ‘solution’. Btw, solution for them always meant Jammu & Kashmir separating from India though it’s touted as a movement for independent Kashmir but that’s a lie altogether (please see the video below).

Trying the impossible.

Dal Lake for Pakistan.


Muftis in concert with Hurriyat fuelled & pushed the public anger against India and gave it a shape and voice of Azadi. Azadi is not a new idea but as leaders that Delhi trusts they belied that article of faith. Since the public opinion boiled in favour of azadi, they’ve used their legitimacy as mainstream political party and pushed(ing) the case of secession further.

It’s no exaggeration that papa Mufti monitored the mood in Delhi and advised action in the Valley whilst babe Mufti was stoking fires in Kashmir during Amarnath land issue.




Soma jhalaks from Mehbooba’s interview in Pakistan. Pl watch from 7.00 minute onwards.

“As Kashmiris our hearts beat for Pakistan”

“If and when any problem comes to Pakistan we feel sooooooooo terrible” (got to see her expressions)

“We want Pakistan to be the Model in Islamic World”

SHE DOESN’T SEEM TO SHARE THE VIEW OF THE INTERVIEWER THAT THE GROWTH IN INDIA AND BANGALORE AS TECH CAPITAL AS SOMETHING REMARKABLE. SHE WADED INTO THE CONCEPT OF ISLAMIC COUNTRY I.E PAKISTAN AND THE EMOTIONAL BONDING KASHMIRIS SHARE WITH THEM. No matter how Pakistan is sliding down to anarchy and failure, Muftis have their ‘Heart Beats’ for Pakistan, let India and monetary largesse be damned. It seems that Mehbooba prefer to be a concubine to Taliban warlord than a normal human being under Indian sezerianty.

In my view what they seem to present as “Self-Rule Plan” is nothing but a “Pig with Lipstick”.

Chandrayaan : (Lunar) Moon Mission or Lunatic Mission?

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India is at a moment away from joining the greatest nations of this world. The USA and USSR did this before i.e sending lunar missions to Moon. As an Indian and astronomy buff I savour the news with excitement but given what India is and what her problems are, it’s difficult to rejoice.   The USA and USSR sent missions to moon that mapped its surface and brought back moon samples. The USAor Russia  never sent missions after that which means that it’s not very promising for either colonisation or exploration.

Chandrayan I, ready for lift-off at Sriharokota

Chandrayaan I, ready for lift-off at Sriharokota


However India chosen to send Chandrayaan I only out of prestige and with a point to prove that India can send missions to moon. Simply put, India wants to reinvent the wheel (once done by the USA and USSR).

The Chandrayaan as per ISRO has these objectives in mind:  1. To Expand the nowledge of the Moon 2. To upgrade India’s technological capability 3. To provide challenging opportunities for planetary research to younger generation of Indian scientists. To be more precise: ‘Chandrayaan-1 aims to achieve these well defined objectives through high resolution remote sensing of the moon in the visible, near infrared, microwave and X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this, preparation of a 3-dimensional atlas of the lunar surface and chemical mapping of entire lunar surface is envisaged.’

There are 11 payloads. Five payloads of India, three from European Space Agency, one from Bulgaria and two from the United States. Well, we must guess that they paid for the payload even if they share data with us.

Moon Mission of ISRO, Chandrayan I

Moon Mission of ISRO, Chandrayan I



1. Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC)

2. Hyperspectral Imager (HySI) 

3. Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument (LLRI) 

4. High Energy X-ray Spectrometer (HEX)

5. Moon Impact Probe (MIP) EUROPEAN SPACE


1. Chandrayaan-1 Imaging X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS)

2. Smart Near Infrared Spectrometer (SIR-2)

3. Sub keV Atom Reflecting Analyser (SARA)

4. Radiation Dose Monitor (RADOM)

5. Mini Syntheic Aperture Radar (MiniSAR) – USA

6. Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3)

It appears from the payload and the objetives it’s clear that there’s duplication of research espcially in tha case of mapping the mineral composition of the moon.

Chandrayaan was announced during Pro.Kasturirangan’s chairmanship o ISRO. When he announced this abmitious it’s estimated to cost the taxpayer Rs 800 crores. Criticism about this very project was deflcted bt Prof Rangan that this Mission by saying that it would ‘electrify’ the nation.

Unfortunately we in India don’t have electricity connections to hundreds, if not thousands of villages. There’re lakhs of villages which don’t have safe drinking water, civic amenities, toilet facilities, housing & basic facilities like libraries. In effect India is in the notorious company of the likes of Ethiopia, Bangladesh and other poorest countries in the world when it comes to basic human necessities like hunger, shelter, education & healthcare. It’s true that none of these items are in the Union List whereby the Government of India assumes responsibility for all those subjects but it can’t just wish away these things.

Can they think of starting schools for these kids?

Can they think of starting schools for these kids?

It’s lack of sensitivity or ignorance of real issues in India. Rs.800 or even Rs.1000 crores would not be a big money for a country of India’s size. It’s also true of China and it didn’t shyaway from from spending big on some fancy trip to space by its taikonauts whose job was to wave the flag of communists.

Chinese didn’t conduct any experiments. It’s a trip to boost the totalitarian regime of Communist clique in Beijing. It’s nothing to claim except that flag job. That way Indian mission is purposeful as they have a lot of payload and experminets to conduct. Nevertheless it’s heartless to ignore the level of hunger in India and think about some inconsequential experiments that have no value for India.

The USA on the other hand is sending an innovative payload whereby it want to find water in moon’s polar region.

Moon's polar region where India is not interested to find water but US is.

Moon's polar reion where US wants to find water. India has no such interest, it seems (based on our payloads)


‘MiniSAR is mainly intended for the important task of detecting water ice in the permanently shadowed regions of the Lunar poles up to a depth of a few meters. It can optimally distinguish water ice from the dry lunar surface.’ 

ISRO has the history of sending setellites to do remote sensing, weather forecasting & improving communication facilities. This mission is closer ot being an example of extravagance. If India can boast of launch technology then it could have tried Mars mission as the red planet is very promising with water & possible colonisation subsequent to terraforming. 


A typical moon crater (No different from earthern craters)

A typical moon crater (No different from earthern craters)



Moon craters formed when Moon was still a gelly of celestial material. This water drop explains how lunar craters formed.

Moon craters formed when Moon was still a gelly of celestial material. This water drop explains how lunar craters formed.



The latest Phoenix mission to Mars ny NASA has conclusively proved the presence of water though it’s visible to naked eye from other missions that’re surveying the red planet.

Indians had the opportunity of joining the US and sending payloads to Mars where terrafarming is a certain possibility.

Terraforming of Mars ie transforming Mars through human intervention

Terraforming of Mars ie transforming Mars through human intervention


As a stand alone organisation ISRO is far far behind the USA in the knowledge of Mars & its exploitation. ISRO can join hands with NASA and/or send payloads through US missions. NASA as we are all aware has many satellites that’re working on Mars methodically. 

Though cold war fuelled space exploration, it helped mankind enormously. There’re no cold war now but the space exploration has given us many spin offs like communications, espionage, metereology and geological studies.

Mars surface photos (of permafrost)

Mars surface photos (of permafrost)

India has started modeslty in space programme with exclusive agenda to work for the benefit the people of India. Chandrayan would not benefit the people of India except a few proud souls whose India is limited to the hollowed precincts of academia or research orhganiations who are fond of reinventing wheel.

It’s a proud moment but not a well deserving one.

Debased Newspapers of India

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Mainstream Newspapers of India are debased

Mainstream Newspapers of India are debased



If you stay in Chennai (Madras) you don’t feel like reading Times of India or Hindustan Times but The Hindu even if you are an outsider. Similarly in Calcutta (Kolkata) it’s got to be Telegraph, in Bombay (Mumbai) it’s Times of India, in Delhi (thankfully it’s not Indraprasta so far though wrongly spelt as Delhi instead of Dehli) it’s Hindustan Times, in Hyderabad it’s Deccan Chronicle & in Bangalore it’s Deccan Herald. Reading the ‘outside’ newspapers feels ‘incomplete’ in its natural cities.

Newspapers are India has its equivalents in UK (or for that matter in the US).

The UK equivalents of Indian Newspapers:

The Times                                   The Times of India OR Hindustan Times

Guardian                                     The Hindu

Independent                                Indian Express

Daily Telegraph                           Pioneer


Today’s mainpage headline is on Sachin Tendulkar’s personal record in many mainstream newspapers. The editorial judgment on this story is flawed.  The Hindu is marginally better that it’s not the main headline but mainpage story. Hindustan Times is equally debased as Tendular is the mainpage and main headline. Times of India, Indian Express are no different.


Sachin & Lara

Sachin & Lara



Print media had its sections whereby news items are categorised according to its genre, however cricket news has become the mainpage news for mainstream newspapers of late even if the news is about some personal record. It’s shameful that sports news that too a personal record is given such importnace. Mainstream newspapers are debased or journalists are substandard. 

Lastly, Sachin Tendulkar is not god but BCCI under Sharad Pawar or anybody in BCCI can’t remove Sachin from Indian Cricket team. Though Sachin is a very decent man and his conduct is exemplary, it’s uncalled for that mainstream newspapers foregt their deceny and proessional standards and perch a man’s personal record on its’ mainpages who made this personal record after LONGEST stint in Indian cricket. It should be kept in mind that Brian Lara came to cricket much later than Sachin. He retired (or kind of that) much before Sachin, means that  he scored more consistently than Sachin Tendulkar.

Indian fixation with individuals (stars) is not new but mainstream press foregtting decency is disturbing. Let Sachin be lauded in Sports Section but not on the masthead of newspapers. Editors lost their sense of propriety.

Sachin won’t retire nor the BCCI would sack him. People like Gavasker who hung on like son-in-law of India to Indian cricket in his days write Sachin as a godly figure in the pantheon of Indian cricket. Babies born when Sachin made debut are ready to join Indian cricket forget about the kids who’re already born. Sachin won’t go and Editors won’t fail to salivate.

It’s no different in the electronic media. We have bimbos as newsreaders who don’t know the diffeence between President’s Rule and Governor’s Rule (NDTV newsreaders, esp) and between Simple Majority and Absolute Majority.


When is Vaanaprastham for Sachin?

When is Vaanaprastham for Sachin?

Who’s more Powerful in India? Thakres or Union Ministers?

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True. That’s assfuckingly true!

Aggrieved Employees of Jet Airways

Aggrieved Employees of Jet Airways

Jet Airways retrenched more than 1000 of its employees and Raj Thakre wanted to take direct action and the owner of Jet Airways responded quickly.

Union Minister of Civil Aviation Praful Patel and local MP Murali Deora also made some grumpy sounds but he’s not going to be mollified or redressed for Mr. Goyal knows who’s more powerful.

The writing on the wall:

Mr. Goyal put mouth where his money is but the message is clear. One man can set rules for anything and the state of India is sullied. However Mr. Goyal said that laying-off probation staff is a universal phenomenon and he is true. 

One up for Thakres and one down for India.

This is demonstrated how anarchy thrives in India than the Rule of Law.

Point is that the employees shall approach the relevant ministry but they know they are powerless. So they approached a man who could produce instant results. He did indeed.

I have to grudgingly accept Thankre’s superiority over Indian State.

Mumbai, October 16: : Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal on Thursday discussed the issue of staff lay-off with MNS chief Raj Thackeray and assured him that he will look into their demands.
“In a telephonic conversation with Thackeray, Goyal assured him of looking into our demands,” an MNS leader said.

Goyal will also be meeting the MNS chief shortly, he said.

Earlier, an MNS delegation met Jet airway officials on Thursday morning at the airline headquarters in Andheri and demanded reinstatement of all the retrenched employees.

Raj Thare tamed the ariline business behemoth

Raj Thare tamed the ariline business behemoth


The end result:,+takes+back+sacked+employees

All the 1,900 employees sacked by Jet Airways over the last 48 hours will get their jobs back, Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal announced in a dramatic, late-night press conference on Thursday night.

It’s a good decision… (but) I cannot write a cheque for any airline. There is no such thing as a bailout package, please. — Civil Aviation MInister Praful Patel“I want to see smiles on your faces,” he said, after driving in to the Jet corporate office from the airport. “My management took this decision on the basis of certain economic condtions…As the head of the family, my conscience does not allow me to look at just economics.”

“I want to see my family happy,” said Goyal, 48 hours after scenes of weeping, protesting Jet employees played out on television screens across India.


Goyal after he's tamed by Raj Thakre.

Goyal after he's tamed by Raj Thakre


I apologise for all the agony that you must have gone through since yesterday … I request all of you to start work from tomorrow – Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal.Goyal, who was accompanied by his wife, looked tired, and his voice was laden with emotion on a day when politicians from the ruling alliance expressed their nervousness over the biggest job losses ever in India’s struggling aviation sector. “I am under no political pressure, I have met no politician of any political party,” said Goyal, who explained he had been abroad for the last two days and returned to watch scenes of his employees wandering the streets of Mumbai and Delhi.


Now Praful Patel tells that his initiative compelled Goyal to take back the staff but in the biginning this is what he said: We are helpless!

Now the same Praful Patel : ‘We did it’ (He’s obviously fooling himself)

BUT, the employees of Jet Airways didn’t thank Praful Patel or his ministry but Raj Thakre. It’s weird that Mr. Patel claims credit for it. Poor chap!

New Delhi: Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel has said that he called up Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal on Thursday and told him to find a resolution to the lay-off issue.


“I called the Chairman of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal yesterday morning to meet me in Hyderabad. After meeting me yesterday morning he had assured me and I had also told him that in 24 hours we must find a resolution to this problem, otherwise we in the ministry would certainly not be very happy with the approach of Jet Airways. I am sure wisdom prevailed and he has taken the right decision,” Parful Patel said.


P.S: This write-up is not meant to debate the underlying issue of retrenchments and recession in economy.


Modis Operandi i.e. Modus Operandi of Modi

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Narendra Damodardas Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat is the evidence of criminals replacing policians in India.

There use to be the time when Indian Parliament debate the issue of criminals becoming politicians. Gone are the days and we have people like Modi who are holding powerful positions in India today & needless to say that Congress Party played a very ignoble role in this whole process (of criminals becoming leaders) as they themselves started the trend.

Modi is idolised by Sangh loyalists. Drawing sword is a norm but drawing this ceremonial sword (that is used for beheadings) is something bizarre but that goes with well Modi, coz he's the butcher by nature.

Modi is idolised by Sangh loyalists. Drawing sword is a norm but drawing this ceremonial sword (that is used for beheadings) is something bizarre but that goes well with Modi. Actually drawing swords is the practice borrowed from arabs and invading Persians by Indic Rajputs.


In late 80s and 90s Sangh became more vocal and its mouth-pieces like Advani and Vajpayee became more mainstream. They also made some footwork and tactical manoevures that placed right-wing politicians as votaries of ‘Hindu interests’ – whatever that’s meant. They also piggybacked on liberal, socialist politicians and made electoral adjustments in the name of defeating Congress. However they ultimately occupied the whole platform once they begged to share with liberals and socialists.

They ‘used’ them at the Centre (first Loknayak Jayprakash Narain & then VP Singh). They ‘used’ them in Gujarat (Chiman Mehta). They ‘used’ them in Karnataka (Deve Gowda), they used ‘used’ Mayawati (but she’s smart enough to jettison BJP) and they ‘used’ them in Orissa (Navin Patnaik). Barring Orissa they gobbled up their hosts in every cace. The RSS in the meanwhile coordinated the moves of Sangh Octopus while its political front BJP was active making right moves to furhter its entrenchment, which even meant swearing by Indian Constitution (which they paradoxically tried to undermine through MN Venkatachalaiah).

The most successful and time-tested method of Sangh to establish BJP in politics was to engineer riots and causing schsim in society (they started & actively participated in communal riots and they even paraded women naked in Surat) whereby they would create ‘vote bank’ for BJP. In fact Ashok Singhal openly boasted about the creation of vote banks in all parts of India through Ayodhya.

The BJP was also successful in coopting people who’re Lohiaties & Socialists who’re the natural enemies of Congress. These committed liberal socialists became neo-saffronites (Yashwant Sinha, Ravishanker Prasad et al) and base became more appealing and successful in espousing the cause of public issues whilst cloaking the tentacles of Sangh Octopus. These socialists fell for the apple of power and pelf. Most prominent among them was the ignoble George Fernades. It’s no denying that Congress gave opportunities to BJP to cross ‘t’s and dot ‘i’s. Moreover the blind Gandhian approach of Congress and its refusal to acknowledge Muslim fundamentalsim & communal probelms gave more ammunition to BJP than anything else. 


PR water of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad

PR water of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad

 There is one mercurial Modi. He’s a lifetimer in RSS but he made that transition to a). speaking English b). getting along with business tycoons & captains of industry c).doing business with other political parties by not being too rigid on some issues and points (pragmatism which was never a manta in Sangh).


Modi is not a politician in conventionl sense. He evokes loud applause, loyalty and of course intense hatred. He’s never tested in politics but once given the chance he stuck to politics like velcro. He even trampled anybody who he sensed as a potential dissident. He became synonymous wih BJP-RSS in Gujarat. He sold every case of success as his own. Investments to Gujarat is as old as history (Trade guilds started during Harappan Period & Gujarat was the industrail powerhouse of India from time immemorial) but he sold the theory that investments came to Gujarat only because of him. The economic liberalisation of 90s under Dr. Manmohan paid rich dividends in Gujarat as it did in all parts of India.

Modi sold that IMAX, Malls, 4line roads came only because of him. He even released PR water in Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad i.e. water doesn’t flow in Sabarmati but it’d be there to see so that Modi can claim that there’s water in Sabarmati under him.


Joker Chutiya

Joker Chutiya & his vermin supporters (behind N below)

He gave new slogans on ‘education for girl child’ but also encouraged murderers who lifted the unborn girl child from the wombs of a mother by sword. He constructed check-dams but also posted unemployed RSS volunteers in villagers on govermnet money which in effcet would ensure regular dosage of saffron dissemination at grassroots level thus keeping the support level of BJP high.

Instead of showing humility Modi showed arrogance. Modi spends public money but he pretends that he’s doing charity to public with RSS’ money.

Modi foxed any attempt by anybody to corner him on very important issues. Here’s how:

He ‘destroyed’ confidence of Congress party, esp Sonia Gandhi (Opposition in a sense) who tremble to speak against Modi now. 

Modi maintained saffron biosphere high in Gujarat so that nobody would question him. The same mood helped the rioters big time. He even appointed VHP, RSS activists as Public Posecutors so that the riot victims are not punished. He gave shleter to Babu Bajranjee at Gujarat (govt’s) Guesthouse at Mt Abu. The butcher of 200 innocents was acquitted through Justice Akshay Mehta who dismissed cases agaisnt all the rioters. The same Akshay Mehta came in handy when it comes to validating the chutya theory of Modi on S6, Godhra in Nanavati Commission.


His acts of commission and omission are well documented. However he’s such a drama actor he tells something else here in this video below.  


His own cabinet minister for Health Ashok Bhatt was sitting in Police Control Room and working on logistics for destruction, murder and rape in post-Godhra period. Home Minister of Gujarat was seen touring Bapunagar and showing ‘V’ sign to the residents on the death and destrcution in his constituency. 



The stigma of Godhra would stay with Modi all his life. 

Modi ‘declared’ what had happened even before any investigation was started on Godhra. He wanted to (in his own words) ‘teach lesson to them so that they would never attempt to do another Godhra agaian’. Well this in itself is the affirmation of his determination to ‘punish’ Muslims elsewhere for the crime his Ganchi brethern, who are by accident Muslims by faith, committed. Modi became all powerful and power drunk and punished many persons (related to Godhra; we’re not sure if they are culprits) and want more of POTA style laws so that he’s answerable to anybody for the reckless actions he want to undertake.

The scare in the eyes of this 'victim' tells all. It's one of those rarest photos of Modi who visited Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad at the instance of Advani, post-Godhra pogrom.

The scare in the eyes of this 'victim' tells all. This is one those rarest photos of Modi visiting the victims of post-Godhra pogrom at the instance of Advani.









He and his Sangh cooked-up cases on Godhra as long as the accused are Muslims. Where there’s more than evidence on Sanghis he looked away……he actually shielded the culprits and even garlanded the rioters. Does it happen anywhere in the world?  

He’s not said a word on scores of cases that’re diluted, closed or subverted ( Modi knows how to browbeat media & he does it on a regular basis & deflects all posers on that subject). He did everything to subvert justice and protected the accused. Modi showed his dick to Supreme Court in more than one occassion.

Modi is a megalomaniac. He resorts to melodrama, sheds tears, raises his own blood pressure and that of others. He’s a good actor par excellence. He tactfully appointed an asswipe like Asshay Mehta who while presiding over the trials of post-Godhra pogrom helped Modi by acquitting all the accused. Whereas Modi uses Nanavati’s name for defending the fucked-up outcome (Report) the key man behind the lopsided conclusions is none other than his asskiss in judiciary i.e. Akshay Mehta.

Is that governance?

No, but the joker chutya thinks he’s the HERO.  He arouses peoples’ passions. He doesn’t let them think rationally. He has no worldview other that was drilled into his mind by RSS. He’s good at PR and nurtures the image of an efficient Chief Minister. Criticism of Modi becomes enmity with Gujarat. Who can handle this megalomaniac? He’s known to kick fuss and through tantrums. He exactly did this at National Integration Council on 13/10/2008. This naatakbaazi worked in all other fora before. He tried this at such august body and lowered its prestige. It’s pure haraamipan.

That’s Modis Operandi. This chutya reigns Gujarat as long as this Modis Operandi works.


P.S: Those who read this also read to know the machinations of Sangh Octopus

Decadence in India

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(As an aside: people who renouce society wear saffron robes but the Sangh Parivar and its fraternity made it fashinable to wear saffron without renoucning society. This Bal Thakre gaandu wants to wear saffron, drink beer, wine and so some illicit things I dont want to name)

The state of Maharastra produced greatest Indians since Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Pherozshaw Mehta. It also produced many many thinkers of global fame. It produced, world-class painters, poets, architects, political thinkers & activists. 

Now the degeneration that started in 90s has reached its crescendo and we have ‘leaders’ who claim to own Bombay..nee Mumbai.

Making his maiden speech at the Dussehra rally, Uddhav first prostrated before the cadre. “Every time a question is asked about whom Mumbai belongs to, I tell them that if you want an answer in the Thakeri (Thackeray) language, Mumbai belongs to our father,” 

Who this chutya is? What’s his credeatials as a political thinker or an activist?  

First and foremost, this comment is offensive. How can they own Bombay? Do they consider the city as their pocketborough? Are we living in a fascist country where these people give these speeches but never cornered by the Law/State.

Lets look at his peer Raj Thakre (Thakres funnily apes western style and call themselves as Thackerays).

“Whatever happened so far was a trailer, a teaser. There are more to come,” the belligerent MNS chief said during an interactive session for online edition of a leading Marathi newspaper. You come as a paying guest and claim right of ownership over the house. This won’t be tolerated,” Thackeray said.

“In Maharashtra, nine crore Marathi people are taken for granted and the remaining two crore, who are outsiders, are appeased,” he added.

 This ghoonda fcuker is not fit to live in civilised places. His group openly attacked students coming to Bombay for attending exams. They openly showed contempt for the Rule of Law, roughed up hundreds of people since 90s, vandalised many places under the nose of police vigil, showed middle finger to the people of India, media, Law & State in effect.


Police is strangulated systematically and the force was being treated as an organ attached to leaders in government. There’s Master-Sobordinate relation between the two organs of State. Police were never allowed to run their affairs honestly, profesionally thereby never allowed to function indepdently.

Now we have these fascist-politicians who taunt India and its might so openly and I see nobody standing up to them in this country, except some sound bytes from UP, Bihar.

Who comes next? Another Thakre, either Uddhav or Raj. They are already running a parellel state in Bombay and Maharastra. The existing channels of governence are bypassed or ignored big time. They are proclaiming their own rules, creating their own armies (followers are used as thugs to silence critics with violence).

(One of my friends of Shiv Sena told that if Bal Thakre is touched the city of Bombay would burn for 5 days; that’s the level of confidence they had on creating havoc. Therefore state government acts coy and hides behind logistics or legalese)

Bal Thakeray was never punished in his lifetime & now we have his clones doing what he did for the last 4 decades. Civil and civilised politics gave way to these anomic tendencies, which would pull India in diferent directions. If Raj is not shown his place then he’d become too big for punishment.

Instead of kicking the butt of Bal Thackeray the civil society, police, politicians, film industry et al feted him. Even Bachchans were helpless and fell at the feet of these ghoondas.

Raj is aiming to replicate Bal’s model. If they don’t kick his ass, he’d become another ‘leader’ in the mould of Bal Thackeray. These lawless tendencies may lead to civil war in India or ‘State against another State’ situation.


What’s left in India to be proud of? This is pure decadence.

Policing India : Comparison between Bombay and Delhi Police

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Police in India are morons/chutiyas, generally.

It’s a pan-Indian malaise that police are thoroughly unprofessional. They are thoughtless, abrasive, obtrusive, speculative and the genuine police spade-work is shoddy and perfuntory.

In the sea of this dimiwits, Bombay police shine like armour of India. 

A quick comparison between Delhi police & Bombay police in the gap of one month gives these observations:

Delhi Police :

They came on TV with no uniform. They spoke as if they knew everything from start to finish of the bomb blasts.

They gave whole web of terrorists, their plans, masterminds and their mentors and what not. They were also quick enough to prepare teams to gun down the masterminds. We also heard of the techie (Tauqeer) who sent ‘all’ these terror mails, which seem to be wrong as per the press meet of Bombay Police today.

They nabbed all the masterminds. 



Bombay Police:

The Police Chief is uniformed. He’s well spoken, civil and professional. His Crime Branch man was also professional and well nuanced in measured responses.

They’re reticent, measured in tone and disclosure of information. Tactful in composing the answers. They did their work. Each and every detail of investigation was recorded for charge-sheet(s). They have not paraded the arrested men with keffiyehs or hoods.

(N.B : These police officers didn’t disclose info abt the company in which the techie works but Guardian disclosed that the terror techie works for Yahoo, India)

(I think link is not working but one can find the video in NDTV site)



Bombay Police are very very professional and their conduct is exemplary. They speak what they can prove.

Delhi Police or any police of any state should get training from Bombay Police in investigations. There’d be some black sheeps in Bombay Police but they came as professional and that’s very impressive.

Bombay Police is indeed a role model for jackasses in other parts of India.

Illegal Migrants in Assam : Bangladeshis or Pakistanis?

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The concept of Pakistan (diferent from the state of Pakistan) is deep-rooted in the Subcontinent and the state of Pakistan may be struggling to live its identity but the Muslims of the Sobcontinent are takingthe concept of Pakistan seriously, at least that’s what’s evident in Assam.

The border between India and Bangladesh is like an open field and illegal migration from Bangldesh was happening for a very very long time. However the Bengali Muslims are Bengalis in Bangladesh but these illegal Bangladeshi migrants turn to the slogan of Pakistan on the soil of India and that attitude is the leftover of Two Nation Theory of Indian Muslim League. 

Now we have Bodos (natives and Indians at that) are locked in fight with Bangladeshi Muslims who set up tents on Indian soil and acquired legal documents like ration card, driving licence and Indian Passports. 

In a very shocking fashion these illegal migrants browbeat Bodos who are Indians.

To rub salt on our wounds they hoist the flag of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the North-East is not in the minds of mainstream press or consciousness.


“Meanwhile, media persons saw a Pakistani flag in Sonaripara and Mohanpur villages and took photographs of them. Local television channels also ran footage of the flags.”

The people of Pakistan would feel proud of this, when their own country is unsure of its survival.


Indian government should invest in complete fencing of Indo-Bangladesh border or it’d be too late to repent in 2020. Pakistan-II would be forced on our throats – sooner or later.

The Sylhet district was chipped out from India because it’s Muslim majority during Partition. Now we have Muslim majority places in Assam bordering Bangladesh. If the Government of India can’t solve this problem then it’d be hijacked by extremist Hindu groups and parties.  Any flare-up between Hindus and Muslims on this issue would cause mini-civil wars in India.

We can have good relations with Bangladesh but not by lowering our guard and security.

If you don’t learn from history you are condemned to suffer again. India as we know would be gone for a toss again.

Why more Blasts in India?

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The latest bombings happened in Muslim areas of Modasa and Malegaon. Could this be an RSS’ job? Well, it might be. Since they’d not be under scanner and police would always be clueless. It’s notable that the victims of these blasts were Muslims.

It’s well known that RSS also started making bombs (Nanded, Kanpur). However let’s not brand RSS as accused without investigations……….

It’s not a secret that there’re terrorists among us – both Hindu and Muslim and may be some Christian and Sikh in Nagaland and Punjab respectively. We all know who feeds them – ideologically.

Delhi police ‘eliminated’ the ‘mastermind’ in recent shootout or encounter as they call it India.

Any cop worth his uniform and profession would ‘never’ eliminate a mastermind. However Indian police does this as far as I know in all enounters.

Police got medals and cash incentives for such stupid acts of rage (i.e. eliminating a suspect) or tectlessness. In fact Indian police are addicted to encounters (where the suspects are shot dead) as they forgot the due process of law where the civilised process of collecting evidence, filing charges and fighting it legally in a court of law and geting convictions. Since Law became so lame and cumbersome, police started this process of ‘encounters’.

They might have been successful in some cases but terrorism is a tricky issue which got to be dealt in a methodical manner. Hasty murders by police would never solve this vexed issue of terrorism.

One should not eliminate a suspect or a confirmed criminal/terrosist or any kind of person.


Once you eliminated ‘him’ the link between the terrorist and his whole chain of network would never come to light. It happened in all the cases before.

It’d be out of context but true in the case of Veerappan. That poor wild gangleader  who lived in jungles like a pauper (who generated hundreds of crores of sandalwood smuggling business) was murdered but the whole network of politicians, middlemen, smugglers and police officials who’re complicit in that phenomenon called Veerappan slithered out of loop. 


It’s clear from the pictures that police tortured Verappan and his associates (eyeballs of all dead were missing) and shot them blank-range (Pl see the wound on the head of Veeappan to confirm this i.e. double-barrel gunshot; it’s the clear line).

They ‘eliminated’ Verappan but the whole network that helped Verappan may be propping up several Verappans (less violent types) now who supply sandalwood for smuggling. 

Now if Police in Gujarat or Maharastra are clueless cos their counterparts in Delhi ‘eliminated’ the ‘mastermind’. Now they know why you should not eliminate a suspect or mastermind and reward the policmen who kill suspects.

Learn your lessons or suffer the consequences & don’t forget to punish the overground terrorists like Modi Togadiya and Advani who operate under garb of nationalism.