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This is the true Amercian Dream i.e. Obama becoming the President of the United States of America.

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There’e nothing new about this. Oabama looked like the President of USA for the last 2-3 weeks. His campaign got further accelaration as it appraoched the final voting day. He’ll be there and he’s almost there (This is written before the election day. Thanks to American people he’s there finally).


Sorry John McCain! May be in next life as the President of the USA

Sorry John McCain! May be in next life as the President of the USA


Obama’ll make history in many respects and that’d be a model for many Amercians and countries all around the world. The win’d be possible ONLY because of the catholicity of the majority of Americans who didn’t see him as a coloured man but a man whom they can trust on their behalf. The great speech of Rev.Martin Luther King Jr rings in our ears about the Dream he had of America.Therefore it’s never a sin nor unthinkable about having dreamy future.

Obama is a metaphor of the Dreams of Martin Luther King. Oabama got it with his hard work and perseverence. He faltered many a time during pre-nomination phase. Turbulance in many forms hit the voyage of Freedom. At some point most of the Democratic support base shrunk based on one loose statement that sounded like a Divided view of America. It’s in fact a ringing statement of American hoipolloi in favour of United America. He gave a speach on the Unity & that’s again marked as another landmark which later on galvanised the nation of America again on his side.

Obama in Kenyan Islamic attire

Obama in Kenyan Islamic attire


He withstood the storms created by his Democratic opponent. In fact Hillary flung more attacks on Oabama than his natural Republican opponent John McCain. The worst storms were behind Oabama once he crossed the stage of Democratic nomination as America and the world was waiting for the exit of George Bush.

John McCain is not a soft political adversary either but people were not swayed by the infra-nationalism of the Republicans. Probably it could be a negative vote Bush than a positive vote for Obama. Nevrtheless Oabama brilliance can’t be denied, off-hand. His ability to form and sway public opinion in his direction of thinking is something remarkable.

Obama had a unique multi-racial and cultural family. Obama had a white grandmother who passed away a day before the earthbreaking news of her grandson becoming the President.  

Obama is more like a child of destiny. He had a difficult time as he’d not from rich background. He worked his way in life by studying and working hard. He dreamt about the top job. He worked his way methodically.

Obama's teardrops for his grandmother

Obama's teardrops for his grandmother


I don’t know if the demise of his grandmother would help him electorally or not but Obama is already a sure winner by now. May be the teary-eyed Obama is meant to pay a tribute to his grandmother or it could be the bond of grandmother and her grandson that spurted out in the form of tears.

Obama is worthy of US Presidencey. He’ll be there in the saddle soon.

The True American Dream is this i.e. becoming the President of the United States of America. 

America has finally arrived

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Barack Obama is already looking Presidential.

He’s standing upright, voice is assertive, diction is perfect, correlate issues on ground with policies he’s on mind, had Joe Biden as perfect foil.

In contrast John McCain is unsure of what he’s talking, incoherent in policy articulation. Had a bimbo for a partner as Vice Presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin is worse. She’s actually pulling down the least probable chances of McCain surging ahead. She became laughing stock who mistakes BSing for smart governance.

Doesn’t know elbow from knee.

One more gem from Palin

One more………..LOL



The biggest landmark of the elections would be the election of a non-white to Presidency.

The moment of truth. America has finally arrived. 

However there is a point of trepidation is the possibility of assisination attempt on Obama given the perceptions that fly thick and wide in Republican Party mass-base.

These people don’t look like normal. They still live in 18th century.

Illegal Migrants in Assam : Bangladeshis or Pakistanis?

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The concept of Pakistan (diferent from the state of Pakistan) is deep-rooted in the Subcontinent and the state of Pakistan may be struggling to live its identity but the Muslims of the Sobcontinent are takingthe concept of Pakistan seriously, at least that’s what’s evident in Assam.

The border between India and Bangladesh is like an open field and illegal migration from Bangldesh was happening for a very very long time. However the Bengali Muslims are Bengalis in Bangladesh but these illegal Bangladeshi migrants turn to the slogan of Pakistan on the soil of India and that attitude is the leftover of Two Nation Theory of Indian Muslim League. 

Now we have Bodos (natives and Indians at that) are locked in fight with Bangladeshi Muslims who set up tents on Indian soil and acquired legal documents like ration card, driving licence and Indian Passports. 

In a very shocking fashion these illegal migrants browbeat Bodos who are Indians.

To rub salt on our wounds they hoist the flag of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, the North-East is not in the minds of mainstream press or consciousness.


“Meanwhile, media persons saw a Pakistani flag in Sonaripara and Mohanpur villages and took photographs of them. Local television channels also ran footage of the flags.”

The people of Pakistan would feel proud of this, when their own country is unsure of its survival.


Indian government should invest in complete fencing of Indo-Bangladesh border or it’d be too late to repent in 2020. Pakistan-II would be forced on our throats – sooner or later.

The Sylhet district was chipped out from India because it’s Muslim majority during Partition. Now we have Muslim majority places in Assam bordering Bangladesh. If the Government of India can’t solve this problem then it’d be hijacked by extremist Hindu groups and parties.  Any flare-up between Hindus and Muslims on this issue would cause mini-civil wars in India.

We can have good relations with Bangladesh but not by lowering our guard and security.

If you don’t learn from history you are condemned to suffer again. India as we know would be gone for a toss again.

Palin or McCain? OR Pain or McPalin?

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It seems like the role reversals for both McCain and Palin. The airtime each one gets in US and international channels is disproportional to the roles they’re competing for.



It’s Palin all the way. Everybody loves the ‘inexperience’, it seems.



Quite seriously Obama could seriously lose the battle with Palin…sorry McCain as the nation is curious to let Ms. Palin get a chance. The exit polls is frighteningly distasteful to Obama and Joe Biden.


In 2004 George Bush was a confirmed idiot and John Kerry was a confirmed war veteran and a man of superior intellect but the people of the US thought otherwise as Bush was smart enough to stoke the fires of anti-Democrat feelings by using the excuse of 9/11 and the direct video message of Osama to tip the balance of public opinion in his favour.


Now the popular feeling is that McCain’s presidency means III term of Bush but public seem to have taken in by the candidacy of Sarah Palin.


Intellectually Democrats are far superiror (Obama and Biden together).

Manifesto-wise Obama is on sound-footing.

Vision-wise Obama is a winner BUT the

BIG BUT is that the general public don’t get the nuances of national issues.

They go by the ‘mood’ of the nation which is susceptible to the temptations of Ms. Palin. 


God forbid but it’s possible that Palin team (sounds funny that’s what it has become now)  may win at the final hustings.


God Save America. LOL!


The Interview that’s not seen or heard before

In International Relations, Middle East on September 28, 2008 at 11:16 am

We are used to the reportage of CNN as if it’s the only ‘global’ news broadcaster although they do report every bit of news from American standpoint.


It never ever it happened – at least to my knowledge – that a reporter asked such questions to the Prez of Israel (Shimon Peres in this case).




The reporter didn’t mince her words be it occupation, aggression, mass killings and aerial bombings…..this is unprecedented for an international TV news channel. BBC used to be a bit balanced unike CNN but Al- Jazeera is something that’s real.


Hats off!


P.S : Ahmedinejad of Iran is a scum…his conduct doesn’t befit the stature of a head of govt/state. Iran is well known for perecution of its ethnic, religious minorities & women. We are also aware of how they execute underage ppl.