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Is Advani an Asshole???

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2008 at 1:48 am


Here’s the ex-Home Minister of Indian Union prejudging the bomb blast in Delhi yesterday.


This asshole-attitude defined his tenure as the Home Minister of India during when India witnessed the most horrific incidents of terror.

We agree that

a. Illegal Bangladeshi migration is a problem

b. The change of demography in Assam is a problem


But investigations are not yet over in Delhi

No chargesheet was filed but Advani speaks like a man in premature ejaculation.

Alleging Pakistan’s ISI for causing threat to the national security, Leader of Opposition L K Advani on Sunday said the illegal Bangladeshi migrants sent by the ISI should be stopped from entering the country.

He also said the explosive used in Saturday’s blast in Delhi was brought from Bangladesh.    

“The Bangladeshi migrants are behind the blast in Delhi and they are not only a threat to Assam’s identity but also a threat to the entire country,” Advani said in Guwahati.