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Palin or McCain? OR Pain or McPalin?

In International Relations, Uncategorized, USA on October 1, 2008 at 2:17 am

It seems like the role reversals for both McCain and Palin. The airtime each one gets in US and international channels is disproportional to the roles they’re competing for.



It’s Palin all the way. Everybody loves the ‘inexperience’, it seems.



Quite seriously Obama could seriously lose the battle with Palin…sorry McCain as the nation is curious to let Ms. Palin get a chance. The exit polls is frighteningly distasteful to Obama and Joe Biden.


In 2004 George Bush was a confirmed idiot and John Kerry was a confirmed war veteran and a man of superior intellect but the people of the US thought otherwise as Bush was smart enough to stoke the fires of anti-Democrat feelings by using the excuse of 9/11 and the direct video message of Osama to tip the balance of public opinion in his favour.


Now the popular feeling is that McCain’s presidency means III term of Bush but public seem to have taken in by the candidacy of Sarah Palin.


Intellectually Democrats are far superiror (Obama and Biden together).

Manifesto-wise Obama is on sound-footing.

Vision-wise Obama is a winner BUT the

BIG BUT is that the general public don’t get the nuances of national issues.

They go by the ‘mood’ of the nation which is susceptible to the temptations of Ms. Palin. 


God forbid but it’s possible that Palin team (sounds funny that’s what it has become now)  may win at the final hustings.


God Save America. LOL!