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Train to Kashmir & Delhi Caught in Headlights!


Kashmir Valley is going to be connected with the rest of India. 

(II longest hi-altitude rail bridge in the world)

First-world type train station at Budgam.


How the leadeship in Delhi handling the issue of separatism? There is no policy as such than playing ‘dead bat’ to crucial points and issues. Just pretend not to know them at all. This is the theme of Dr.Singh’s interaction with media in Srinagar. This is always the policy of Delhi when it comes to Kashmir. They are short of words or just pretend that sops would buy peace. NEVER.

Prime Minister had an opportunity to reach out to the commoners in Kashmir by saying something of importance and in a convincing manner by spelling out a PLAN to give peace. Instead he read out what he wanted to ‘sanction’ for Kashmir like IIM and a hospital (whose future staff would join sit-ins in favour of azadi). What kind of solution is this?

It’s like filling water in a leaking container. It’s an endless exercise of buying peace for sops. The people of Kashmir can be truned around if the source of irritants are smothered or exiled. When Delhi failed that, even mainstream leaders in PDP started baring their fangs. They keep talking about ‘solution’ which in effect means secession from India. 
The ‘safetly valve’* policy ended in the collapse of British rule in India. Delhi follows the same rule and allows rabid separatists to go full throttle in the Valley. Since the hidden power of militants is on their side the common Kashmir would prefer his own clinsman than a Delhi’s Viceroy.

Perceptions do matter.

The reporters in Srinager asked a very pointed question about lifting cases of against arsonists in Jammu. There’s no answer but a ‘dead bat’ of ‘creating conditions for normalcy’ by Dr. Singh. Whereas the trade delegation from Pak-Kashmir is having parlays with separatists about sabotaging Kashmir’s link with India, which is ‘authorised’ by Delhi.

On roads people carry placards displying that they are not Indians.

Oppression and police brutality happens everywhere in India. Therefore Kashmir is no exception. However it’s always sold that Kashmiris are oppressed by Indians.

Perceptions matter. Leaders in Delhi are like a deer caught in headlights.



Geelani is the voice of ISI in India.This chutya had heart operation done FREE in Bombay. Now he wants to go to Delhi to replace battery for his pacemaker.

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